The 3 Week HIIT Workout Plan with Weights by Luke Rattue

The 3 Week HIIT Workout Plan with Weights

12 Workouts spread over 3 weeks. 
Get your hands on the hottest home workout plan that promises fast results. 12 workouts, that's 9 weight based HIIT workouts and 3 no equipment HIIT workouts spread over 3 weeks. 

All of the workouts have three varying levels of intensity so absolutely anybody can start training today and see fantastic results. 

With videos to show you exactly what to do for each workout. 

Grab your kettlebell and dumbbells and let's get started.  

Jenna Lost Over 60lbs

Jenna lost over 60 pounds while she was training with us. She did absolutely amazing and loved the training even more than she could have ever imagined. 

What's included?

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Welcome: PAR-Q
The Workout Plan Overview
Benefits Of Exercise
The Best Form Of Exercise For Fat Loss
The Main Benefits Of HIIT
How Often Should You Train
The Plan
6 Week Training Schedule Example
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How To Follow This Workout Plan
Training Intensity
The Workouts
About The Warm Up
The Warm Up
8 mins
Weighted HIIT 1
2 mins
Weighted HIIT 2
2 mins
Weighted HIIT 3
2 mins
Cardio HIIT 1
2 mins
Weighted HIIT 4
2 mins
Weighted HIIT 5
2 mins
Weighted HIIT 6
2 mins
Cardio HIIT 2
2 mins
Weighted HIIT 7
2 mins
Weighted HIIT 8
2 mins
Weighted HIIT 9
2 mins
Cardio HIIT 3
2 mins
All Done
Thank You